We are glad you are visiting our website!  Whether you are looking for a spiritual home, a religious education program for your children, or a caring community of friends in which you can explore, learn, grow, and serve, we hope you will find it at First Universalist Church of Norway!  Our mission, as we live our historic, liberal faith, is to nurture spiritual growth, honor diversity, and offer service in love.

Sunday services and the Religious Education Program for children both begin at 11:00 a.m. and are followed at noon with refreshments in our social hall.  We hope you join us!

Upcoming Church Services- October 2016

October 9                                   Deliver Us From Evil

Reverend Fayre Stephenson

Unitarian Universalists don’t talk very much about evil but this doesn’t mean we don’t think about it.  Using the Reverend Dr. Paul Rasor’s “Liberal Theology and the Problem of Evil” as our guide, on this Sunday we’ll explore our social justice responses to today’s atrocities-not just as political statements but as statements of faith.

October 16                            Come, Sing a Song with Me      

Heather Pierson & The Community Sing Leaders

Join First Universalist Church Music Director Heather Pierson and Community Sing leaders, Annie Rambeau and Jayne Pearson and let their music lift your spirits.  Heather, Annie, and Jayne will sing for us and lead us in harmonies we never thought we could sing.  Come and experience the healing power of communal singing.

October 23                             What Are You Doing Here?

                                                Reverend Fayre Stephenson

Elijah of Biblical fame was asked, “What are you doing here?” and he had an answer.  Asked the same question, we might not have a ready answer.  Are we working and living for goodness or are we just coasting along?  Is our faith and commitment as strong as Elijah’s?

                                                 Simplicity Isn’t Simple

October 30                           Reverend Nancee Campbell

Having recently discovered the writings of Reverend Dr. Forrest Church has helped me embrace the inevitability of change, and I wanted to share some of his wisdom with you.  In the book he wrote just before he died, he offered up “Want what you have, do what you can; be who you are” as a philosophy, a statement of faith, a theology, or a way of life. These three statements warrant some attention, especially in light of the contentiousness of this political season.  But, just as importantly, this simple yet profound mantra can ease and strengthen the way we live our lives regardless of the season.