We are glad you are visiting our website!  Whether you are looking for a spiritual home, a religious education program for your children, or a caring community of friends in which you can explore, learn, grow, and serve, we hope you will find it at First Universalist Church of Norway!  Our mission, as we live our historic, liberal faith, is to nurture spiritual growth, honor diversity, and offer service in love.

Sunday services and childcare for young children begin at 11:00 a.m. and are followed at noon with refreshments in our Concert Hall.  We hope you join us!

February 2018 Services

February 4
Living By Love       Reverend Fayre Stephenson                                                                                 
What must we do to live by love?  Must we stop being angry or confrontational?  Must we swallow our disappointment and our judgment?  Who or what can show us the way?  Join us this Sunday as we seek answers to these timeless questions.  


February 11
Grateful Living        Reverend Scott Campbell

Reverend Scott Campbell will bring us an amended version of his sermon, Grateful Living, a moving homily first offered at the First Congregational Church in South Paris.  Reverend Campbell is a retired United Methodist pastor living on Paris Hill with his wife Lin and two grandsons.  He served churches in Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, and Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.  He was an adjunct faculty member at Harvard Divinity School for twenty years.  His Maine roots go back to the early 1960s when his parents bought a home in Winthrop.  He regularly attends First Congregational Church in South Paris.


February 18
Doer of the Word       Reverend Fayre Stephenson

On February 9, 1866 abolitionist Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, an African American free woman, spoke to an enthusiastic audience in Norway (or maybe Paris).   Using Carla L. Peterson’s book, Doers of the Word, as our guide, this service will be an exploration of Ms. Harper’ remarkable life and its lessons for us as we continue to experience today’s racism.


February 25 
Gratitude                    Davy Sturtevant                                                                                                        Occasional guest speaker and often-time accompanying musician Davy Sturtevant leads the Sunday, January 28th service with Gratitude.  As a native North American white male, born the last child of a WWII veteran and a nurse/homemaker, Davy Sturtevant has enjoyed a privileged place in the world. Still, he has found happiness, tranquility, and peace to be elusive.  A practice of radical gratitude has proven useful to him and he will share his experience with gratitude and its rewards through song and story.