We are glad you are visiting our website!  Whether you are looking for a spiritual home, a religious education program for your children, or a caring community of friends in which you can explore, learn, grow, and serve, we hope you will find it at First Universalist Church of Norway!  Our mission, as we live our historic, liberal faith, is to nurture spiritual growth, honor diversity, and offer service in love.

Sunday services and childcare for young children begin at 11:00 a.m. and are followed at noon with refreshments in our social hall.  We hope you join us!

October Services

October 1
A Look at the Faces of Generosity in Times of Need    Reverend Dr. Fred Jordan
                        Fred Jordan received his Doctorate of Medicine Degree from Tufts University in MA and has practiced medicine for more than 50 years.  after the Oklahoma bombing and its ever-lasting effects, Fred felt summoned to the ministry which he now considers his “true calling.”  He was ordained in 2015 as an Interfaith Chaplain and Minister after attending the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (CHIME) in Portland.

October 8
Is Spiritual Smugness Catching?     Reverend Fayre Stephenson

Who has ever been made to feel somehow inadequate in the spirituality department?  Chances are many of us.  On this Sunday we’ll explore the concept of spirituality and discuss what some call “having a spiritual practice.”  There may be surprises in store for us.

October 15
Finding Our Spiritual Center     Reverend Jennifer Wixson

Maine farmer and author Jennifer Wixson’s pastoral message is about the need for quiet contemplation in our crazy and busy world.  A Quaker minister, Wixson speaks to “Finding Our Spiritual Center,” utilizing not only her own personal experience of contemplation but also guidance from some noted prophets of the Religious Society of Friends.

October 22 
The Cure Within   Reverend Fayre Stephenson
Is stress a deadly disease?  Are good friends the best medicines?  Can meditation practices from the East help us become well?  At this service, using Anne Harrington’s classic book, The Cure Within, as a guide, we’ll take a look at mind-body medicine and how it may relate to our own lives.

October 29
Dia de los Muertos  Joan Erler and Pat S.
October 31 begins the celebration in Mexico of the Day of the Dead.  What happens after death?  More specifically, how do we treat the physical body?  Joan and Pat S. have each built a coffin- what were we thinking?  We will look at some historical and legal ways of treating the death of a loved one, and see how we can take the experience into our own hands and have a different way to express grief.