We are glad you are visiting our website!  Whether you are looking for a spiritual home, a religious education program for your children, or a caring community of friends in which you can explore, learn, grow, and serve, we hope you will find it at First Universalist Church of Norway!  Our mission, as we live our historic, liberal faith, is to nurture spiritual growth, honor diversity, and offer service in love.

Sunday services and childcare for young children begins at 11:00 a.m. and are followed at noon with refreshments in our social hall.  We hope you join us!

                                                March 2017 Services

March 5                   Redemption Song            Reverend Fayre Stephenson

Can people change?  Do people sometimes have a real change of heart?  Our Universalist heritage tells us the answer is “yes,” redemption is real.  This Sunday’s service will be an exploration of the quest for redemption.

March 12              The Truth, or, Whatever?           Rodney Abbot

A discussion on the importance of truth, pursued for centuries, yet now seems to be getting harder to do.

March 19         Living in Babylon        Reverend Fayre Stephenson

Psalm 137:11-6 chronicles the sadness the Israelites felt during their exile in Babylon.  The Israelites’ captors asked for songs of Zion but the author of Psalm 137 says he is too homesick to sing those songs.  How do exiles and refugees live without the solace of a home?  What is humanity’s communal responsibility to care for refugees?

March 26         Happiness is… or isn’t it?          Joan Beal

Happiness is a currently trendy topic, but no one can exactly define it.  Where does it originate?  What happens if you are not one of the happy ones?